Kerri Mitchener

Kerri is as real as they come! She is a driving force for anything she has a passion for. She can physically outwork most people. She is smart, she is passionate, she is fair, but she definitely is honest. She has a way of getting the most out of people in her life! 

Kerri is a graduate of Mississinewa High School. She has a twin sister! She has 2 other siblings. She is married to Tino Mitchener; he is a local firefighter for Marion Fire Department. Kerri and Tino have 2 boys; AJ – 19, who plays Division-1 baseball for Arlington Baptist in Texas; Isaac – 15, a Freshman at Oak Hill High school and is a 3 sport athlete! Kerri and Tino have moved around the country following Tino’s prior career paths and thankfully decided to come back to Marion to raise their family! We are very thankful for that. 

A note from the owner of Howell Realty Group: Why Kerri?
“Kerri and Lindsay’s husband (Ron) have been friends since Kindergarten, after graduating from school, when Kerri and Tino came back to Indiana; thankfully, we reconnected and hung out a few times. I could tell Kerri had a drive in her that would be a significant part of my vision for Howell Realty Group. It is easy to become complacent in your career after doing it for so long, and sometimes the owner needs to feel challenged. I know Kerri would be that challenge I needed. Boy, was I right! She is a fighter for her clients, she has a way of keeping tasks forefront of our minds, and she has a way of helping complete the tasks, and most importantly, she undoubtedly has a passion for the people she works with”

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