Information About Howell Realty Group

Information Howell Realty Group

We believe it's important to provide you with Information About Howell Realty Group. Lindsay Howell is the owner and broker. She has had the privilege of being able to experience several areas of the Real Estate Industry. Her opportunities have included: mortgage loan originator, real estate broker and real estate appraiser.

Consequently, her experiences have enabled her to become well rounded in the real estate industry. This experience make it especially relevant in the following cities: Marion, Gas City, Jonesboro, Sweetser, Swayzee, Converse, Upland, Van Buren, Matthews, Fairmount and other areas of Grant County, Indiana and surrounding counties.

Before we dive further into Lindsay's professional life, here's a few tidbits about her personal life. Lindsay is a native Hoosier through and through. Her proud parents are Jeff and Linda Young. She grew up in the small town of  Gas City, IN.

This little bedroom community was formerly named Harrisburg. It's name was changed to Gas City in 1892. Why? Because an abundance of natural gas was discovered in the area in 1887. Makes total sense but oh do the residents catch some ribbing because of the name!!

She was a student in the Mississinewa School Corporation starting with elementary and graduating from Mississinewa High School in 1998. Oh my -- we just revealed her age!! Lindsay continued her education by attending IUPUI and Ball State University.  Finally, she graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2009; 11 years after high school!! Most noteworthy, this indicates she is persistent becasue she completed her bachelor degree while working, being a wife and a mother. Therefore, if she can do this, it seems like she can definitely help you buy or sell a house!

As mentioned above, Lindsay has a family of her own. She met her husband Ron while attending school and they were married in 2005. They have two children -- a daughter named Olivia and a son named Bodie. Lindsay and her family live in the Marion area.

Real Estate and Appraiser Training & Experience


Lindsay initially worked to obtain her real estate license in 2004. After realizing she wanted to become a broker, she began the educational requirement and excelled in her studies. As a result of her competitive edge, it enabled her to be awarded the Outstanding Attitude Award from Troyer School of Real Estate in 2004 and 2007. In additions, Lindsay has been honored to attend and graduate from the Leadership Program of Grant County in 2009-2010.

Lindsay made a decision in 2012 to take a step to expand upon her real estate experience and enhance her qualifications. Hence, she took the necessary steps to obtain her Appraiser's License. She is proud of this training because appraiser knowledge is very beneficial in the services she provides to clients.

Furthermore, as of 2016 she decided not to stop there. Drive and ambition prompted Lindsay to enhance her real estate license. She completed the field requirements (2500 hours) and the additional real estate appraisal educational coursework (90 more hours) to become a State Certified Residential Real Estate Appraisal.

If those accomplishments and credentials don't speak for themselves, what does? If this vast real estate experience doesn't make you want to pick up the phone and call, what will?

In conclusion, amid all this education and experience, Lindsay was a mortgage loan originator for a bank in Marion, IN. How many real estate brokers have this much well-rounded knowledge and experience? You can rest assured Lindsay can cover all the bases with you.

Starting Howell Realty Group

With all the course work and experience in her back pocket, Lindsay made the decision to serve clients by starting her own real estate brokerage company. Her office is located in Marion, IN and serves eight
 counties. From childhood, she watched her father build a successful and reputable business - Young Construction. Due to her father's entrepreneurship, she has that same drive to provide outstanding services that her clients deserve.

Lindsay gained understanding through her father’s example that clients will refer business to you when you provide service that is above outstanding. She respects and appreciates their trust and does not take this lightly. Most noteworthy, it's an honor to serve people who show her their trust.

We hope Information About Howell Realty Group was helpful. Lindsay looks forward to providing you and your family the very best home for your family. She'll ensure that you'll Feel at Home with Howell!